EQVALAN®DUO GEEL 1 hobuseid ja Colts

EQVALAN®DUO GEEL 1 hobuseid ja Colts

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  • Eqvalan ® Duo on endectomy sisaldavad ühingu aktiivne anti-helmintic põhimõte, ivermectin ning aktiivne cestocida põhimõtet, praziquantel.

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      I ordered the Eqvalan Duo and they sent me the normal Eqvalan, in addition, the expiry date is 01/2021. I will never buy this salesman again. I 've explained it to you in a message and you tell me that the one you sent me is the Eqvualan duo (Lie) and that the expiry date so, is normal that they have short expiry date (lie). Plus I have to parasize my horse in February.

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